Presumptuous Cons Need Canadian Consent to Change Senate

senate.jpgThe all knowing provincial premiers, having examined Harper’s senate reform plans, are now stating that approval must first be obtained from the Canadian people before any “reforming” can begin. CanWest reports,

In a letter to the prime minister, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams joins Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick in contending that Parliament cannot unilaterally reform the Senate.

I see the Cons have found a new smoke and mirrors issue they hope will detract from the F’s they keep receiving on international scales of government competency in policy development and execution. Any decision to reform the Senate or our election systems is definitely a referendum issue. This would be a historic change in our country’s governing systems and if there is one thing Canadians care deeply about it is how effectively, fairly, and honestly their government functions.

It is no different than the issue of proportional representation changes to our election systems like MMP or STV. Any serious potential transformations to these systems must first be supported by the majority of Canadians through a referendum. Any change would be a very serious undertaking and must be thoroughly debated by Canadians, first at their dinner tables and then through formal polls.

Angus Reid’s latest online poll indicates Canadians think the Dion attack ad hurts Harper more than it hurts Dion. To be honest, I am very hesitant about even quoting/linking online polls, but it’s a new poll and it goes with my post so here goes,

33 per cent of respondents say their opinion of Conservative leader Stephen Harper has worsened, while 24 per cent feel the same way about Dion.

47 per cent of respondents think the ad is not a fair and accurate representation of Dion.


2 thoughts on “Presumptuous Cons Need Canadian Consent to Change Senate

  1. Steve Withers says:

    Agreed…..though there should be a debate over a fairly long period of time before any referendum. Do we even need a Senate at all? Why can’t we build checks on unbridled power into the one legislative chamber by using some form of region-based proportional representation?

    If we find, after some debate, that isn’t a happning thing, then how many Senators per province? What power will the Senate have? A toothless Senate is worse that a waste of money, it’s a waste of time, too.

    If Canada is going to have a Senate at all, look at the Australian Senate – 6 per state, proportionally elected, and the Senate can stop any legislation dead in its tracks.

    A Senate that can’t do that, isn’t worth having.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    I don’t agree with the Senate being able to stop legislation. I feel the Senate should play more of an advisory role in Canada. We already elect MP’s who are supposed to stop bad legislation….at least in a minority situation anyways.

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