Ron Paul (video)

I had to blink twice and check again because I just couldn’t believe I was listening to a Republican. Go figure.


9 thoughts on “Ron Paul (video)

  1. knb says:

    Isn’t he something? I don’t agree with everything he says, but boy, he’s “bang on”, on many issues.

    Sadly, he’s kind of the Kucinich of the GOP.

    In a real world, these two men would be debating each other. There would be no rhetoric, there would be an exchange of ideas.

    We dont seem to be in a real world at the moment. Witness Dion vs Harper. Dion wants to speak to issues, Harper wants to speak to his fans.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    I don’t agree with all of it either..but some large chunks of it….I do…particularily on his foreign policy ideas. They sure would have a lot more to spend at home on things like health care if they stoppped spending so much on making war/conflict everywhere. The defining your enemies…one would have thought that would have been the first step after 9/11.

    Also I really do long for the debate you speak about knb. I used to see it in Canada…where did it go?

  3. knb says:

    I’m not sure and I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure that out.

    I think we can get it back, because we haven’t allowed the drift in the same way that the US did. Our media is weak I think, but they are beginning to call the politicians to task.

    Wouldn’t a debate of ideas be fantastic? We need it in this country and we need it now.

  4. redtory says:

    What an awesome video. It’s so refreshing to hear a “real” conservative deliver some straight talk for a change as opposed to the puerile right-wing bullshit that passes for so-called conservatism these days. Paul may be off the mark in some respects, but his message, most especially about a non-interventionist foreign policy, hits home with me, that’s for sure. I’m off to go update my blog with this gem.

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