Balkenende: Keeping the Bread Buttered

A new poll by Decima research states the vast majority of Canadians want the troops home on schedule (h/t Canadian Observer) in 2009. The CBC reports,

The survey by Decima Research, released Monday to The Canadian Press, found that two-thirds of respondents want Canadian troops to come home when the current mandate from Parliament expires in February 2009.

Meanwhile the Dutch Prime Minister is now in Canada consulting with Harper on trade and keeping Dutch troops in Afghanistan. Coincidentally a majority of people in the Netherlands are also opposed to extending troop commitments past their current 2008 withdrawl date.

The CBC asked the Dutch prime minister if he is worried that a large majority of people in the Netherlands are opposed to having troops stay past their current withdrawal date. The Dutch Prime Minister responded that it doesn’t really matter what the polls say; what matters is that commitment in Afghanistan continue. Based on his excessive flattery of Canada, including a rather smarmy piece where he declares that “Canada is reminding Europe of our World War 2 heroics” and his facial expressions, I have a feeling both the Canadian and Dutch troops will be staying past 2009.

June 12th Update: If anyone is interested…. here is a newly published article in the Tyee on Royal Dutch Shell to go with the ones already linked within this post


4 thoughts on “Balkenende: Keeping the Bread Buttered

  1. Roberto says:

    Without strong public support for extension I don’t see our troops staying in Afghanisnam past the existing deadline. It’s a minority government that probably won’t see out February, 2009 itself. Harper doesn’t have much to run on in the next election and he’d have to be willing to look tyrannical with 66% opposed to seek a war mandate. There’s a real disconnect between the Canadian people and the Afghan war and it’s growing.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    It would take all of the opposition to vote this government down. I just received a nice bulk mail letter from my local NDP MP who states that even though this government has some faults (e.g the descimation of child care) they are quite happy to continue working with this government as long as possible to get things done. It’s funny though because to date I can’t think of one progressive thing this government has done…so I am not sure where all the hopefullness is coming from. Meanwhile Harper keeps shovelling money at Quebec and the Bloc so I really don’t see an end to this government before 2009.

  3. mushroom says:

    Local Dippers want the CPC crime bill to pass, especially the stiffer sentences for gun crime. Keeps the NDP local councillors happy, as if tougher sentences will lead to a direct decrease in gun crime.

    The Dutch will leave Afghanistan sooner than Harper may realize due to the coalition nature of the government. It is a centre left government and it’s dedicated towards state building rather than counterinsurgency. Harper’s success is dependent on an eventual surge of US-UK forces post-Iraq to bail the Canadians out 😦

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