Reality Alert: Con Enviro Plan Won’t Meet the New G8 Targets Either

j0402479.jpgCanWest reports on a new analysis from CD Howe,

The Conservative government’s goal of slashing greenhouse gas pollution in half by 2050 would likely be out of reach by 2020, because of timid policies introduced in its new regulatory plan for large industries,

The CBC reports,

“The government is likely to miss its 2020 emissions target by almost 200 megatonnes. Moreover, because of this gap in 2020 between target and reality, it is unlikely that a future government would be able to achieve the ambitious 2050 target.”

Meanwhile the Canadian opposition’s revamped clean air bill C-288, which ensures Canada is adhering to our Kyoto targets is scheduled for a third reading. Apparently Baird is furiosly looking for a way out this opposition upset so the energy industry can continue to pollute unabated (e.g. oil sands). It looks like the Con game plan is going to be to try to ignore the new bill and continue the energy industry’s greenhouse gas free-for-all as planned through the Con Non-Enviro Plan. CanWest quotes Blidook,

“As the bill has already been reported in the Senate, I don’t think there is much else the government can do to stop it, short of having the government fall and calling an election,” Kelly Blidook


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