Anne Park Shannon at the Victoria Liberal AGM

anne-park-shannon1.jpgTonight I attended the Victoria Federal Liberal Riding Association’s Annual General Meeting and a new executive was elected. Anne Park Shannon said that as she was driving to the meeting this evening she became acutely aware that almost 3 months had passed since she was elected the Liberal Candidate for Victoria.

She described the time as passing in a whirlwind of activity, but one event that everyone expected didn’t come to pass. The anticipated Spring 2007 election was unexpectedly called off because the wheels started coming off the Harper bus. These “wheels” included the Quebec election, the blatantly obvious Con non-green plan or echo fraud, lack of accountability in Afghanistan, income trust anger, the business community’s deep concerns about Con budget errors on interest deductibility, missing student summer jobs, and Atlantic Canada’s outrage over breach of trust on the Atlantic accord.

Anne Park Shannon stated she never imagined Harper could get himself into this situation and the end result is the Cons are tanking in the polls. Some polls are now showing the Cons at 29%. What does this add up to? What does it mean for us? Well we don’t know for sure, but it might mean there won’t be an election until next fall, spring or even later.

Anne has assembled a 1st rate campaign team and she really needs them because she is running against an NDP candidate who is well liked in the community. She has been getting out there, meeting lots of new wonderful people, shaking hands, attending lunches/dinners, knocking on doors, and generally trying to make herself as accessible as possible.

Many hands have made Anne’s efforts possible and it has been a team effort. Anne is grateful for all of the support she has received. She says all Liberals need to plug away by putting themselves out there to meet and talk to new people in the community. The winds of change are blowing, as noted in yesterday’s election of a Liberal in Calgary Elbow. It’s time for Liberals to get back David Anderson’s seat in Victoria.

I chatted briefly with Anne after her speech and she discussed her concerns around the NDP’s child care bill. This bill doesn’t actually have any teeth to provide new funding to child care, rather its focus is on criteria that should be in place if funding is ever implemented. Another lady came over to join us and she said to Anne “Well you will change that if you are elected”. Anne replied she would love to implement Ken Dryden’s plan, but the Cons are busily spending money hand over fist through free wheeling budgets and there may not be much left by the time the Liberals are elected to govern once again.

As this was an AGM, the Victoria riding association elected a new riding president, Mr. Jurgen Weyand. He announced some new goals for the new executive including more events, signing up more members, and focusing on issues important to local residents. Nothing is more important than taking the riding association into the next election and the riding association must strive to be as election ready as possible at all times. He hopes the new executive knows they signed up to work because there will be lots of work, but the association will also focus on working together and having fun.

Outgoing riding president, Russ Lazaruk said he felt pleased knowing he was leaving the riding association in the capable hands of Jurgen Weyand.


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