Stronach and Mercer Need Help To Reach Goal of 500,000 Anti-Malaria Bednets

stronachmercer.jpgA few days ago I sent a Facebook message to Ms. Stronach complimenting her on calling out Mr. Harper on his G8 African aid shananigans. Today she sent me a return message thanking me and she included this website link. Being the curious type I went to check it out. Apparently Rick Mercer and Stronach joined forces with CTV Globemedia, Kids Horizons-Air Canada, and TAXI, last November to raise enough money to purchase 500,000 anti-malaria bednets. I checked the site and they are still far short of their goal, having raised only 65,000 bednets to date.

I think it’s a great cause and it only costs $10.00 to buy one bednet for a child. Up to five children sometimes sleep under these bednets and they can protect an African child from this killer blood disease for up to 5 years.

The use of these nets has been shown to reduce mortality in children under the age of five from all causes by up to 25 per cent. One bednet can protect an African child for up to five years.


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