Budget Senate Story: Con Attempt at Distraction and Re-direction

dion8.jpgI know the Cons keep trying to make the Senate/budget issue a “big news story” but I’m not buying it. The Senate has never rejected a budget since I started voting way back when I was 18 years old and they likely never will. It’s not their role.

Dion was unequivocal Wednesday: senators have no choice but to accept the bill no matter how little they like it. “It’s even the law,” Dion said of the Senate’s responsibility not to block budget bills.

So what was the news exactly? Harper threatened the Senate over holding up the budget and then Dion told the Senate not to hold it up… because of course they shouldn’t. ..and so they won’t. Big story eh?

Dion makes another excellent point on this issue today at CanWest that all Canadian provinces should be paying attention to,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will break his word to other provinces the way he broke it to the Atlantic provinces, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion warned Saturday.

Harper has been trying to fan non-existent flames in hopes it might stop their free-falling popularity in the polls. Its been a rough three months and the Cons just keep hoping Canadians are ignorant enough to be bamboozled by a new stream of “it’s all the Liberals fault” rhetoric, this time blaming Canada’s Senate.

Coincidentally, this big media story comes to the forefront at the same time their “Libs Don’t Want Senate Reform” radio and TV ads are running. Canadians are not stupid. We all know that the Cons have no right to reform our election systems/power hierarchies/government houses without a referendum vote by the people. This make their Senate attack purely fanciful and completely nonsensical. It’s all just another Con smoke show to distract attention from their regressive/failing agenda.

Over at DiaTribes today, Scott makes an excellent “pot calling the kettle black” argument noting the Con’s own recent Senate hold-ups on the opposition’s Kyoto Bill C-288. On a final note, no one is likely to forget the Con’s secret instruction book to tie up parliament so nothing ever get’s done for Canadians. The hypocrisy of Canada’s “New Government” is truly a wondrous thing.


6 thoughts on “Budget Senate Story: Con Attempt at Distraction and Re-direction

  1. knb says:

    I couldn’t agree more. When I read this:

    “So I think there’d be a sure lot of anger if a bunch of unelected guys decided they could block what the elected people did and what their constituents want.”

    I thought, how very Prime Ministerial. Aside from his “tough guy” threat, he sounds like a red-neck and that might even be kind.

    I cannot wait to see this man gone.

  2. Cam says:

    While I agree that Harper is trying to change the channel on this issue, Stephane Dion has to do some better research on the “law” of this. The fact is that the Senate does have the legal right to deny the budget or any other law that it sees fit. It has turned back many laws over time, like one on animal cruelty for example (I don’t remember the exact name of the bill).Just because the Senate has never turned down a budget doesn’t mean they can’t.

    As for the bamboozling here, Dion is doing the same thing. If he really wanted to correct this budget, he has the power in his hands right now to do it. He’s not doing it because he knows he can’t win the “Un-elected Senate” arguement that Harper is already putting out there. If he really wasn’t worried about it, then why doesn’t he just have the Senate change this budget??? Because he is afraid, that’s why.

    I agree that what the Tories are doing is bad, but the Liberals are not making this any better by giving in to the threats of the Conservatives. Dion needs to make a stand and take the risks assoicated with that. That is what the people want, and he;s not willing to do it. That’s the biggest shame of all because now it really sounds like “The pot calling the kettle black”.

  3. Cam says:

    My apologies… i didn’t see my original comment there, so I assumed that it had been “moderated out”. My most humble apologies.

  4. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Sorry Cam, just saw your comment. The first time you comment here it is moderated, after that your good to go. Thanks for visiting.

    I wish I believed he was going to be gone soon knb : (( we may have to put up with a whole lot more it seems.

  5. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    The Senate never rejected the large Liberal budget cuts (provincial transfers) in the 90’s that Martin/Chretien implemented to get our country out of its increasing deficit cycle.

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