MacKay Picks Sides in Palestinian Civil Conflict

peacekeepers.jpgConsidering that in the last Palestinian election, Hamas was elected with 74 seats and Fatah received 45, McKay has picked the unelected side for Canada to forcefully and publicly support in this new Palestinian civil uprising. I think a little more caution and subtlety on our behalf would be a better strategy for Canada to follow. If you support democracy, you support it, if you don’t, what exactly are you supporting? Palestinians will likely still elect Hamas the next time they go to the polls.

I miss Canada’s cautious diplomacy and tact in foreign policy which has disappeared since the Cons were elected to power. Picking sides so publically limits our potential influence and ability to help find constructive solutions. The Cons just can’t resist fanning flames.


5 thoughts on “MacKay Picks Sides in Palestinian Civil Conflict

  1. mushroom says:

    Let’s put it this way.

    There is only one Western country that has provided aid to the Hamas aid government.


    And has Canada ever pursued a foreign policy as expansive as the Norweigans?

    When has Canada’s foreign aid reach 0.7 per cent of GDP, let alone one percent?

    These are some facts I present. We have not been close to being moral and ethical as what we perceive ourselves to be.

  2. Cam says:

    This is one of the areas that I really have my issues with the Conservatives. You can’t be an honest broker of peace when you have taken a side, and even declared one of the groups involved a terrorist group. The Tories took a side here, and it’s completely short-sighted on their part. I’m sick of seeing us becoming the American’s lapdog when it comes to Foreign Relations. How can we expect others to respect us on the International Scene when our politicians like the Tories won’t even take ourselves seriously.

  3. Roberto says:

    What do you mean “pick sides”? Harpo picked sides a long time ago and we’ve been singing to that song sheet ever since. It was the West’s (Washington’s) decision to cut off funding to the Palestinian authority that actually undermined Fatah (our side – at the moment) against Hamas (which did, unfortunately win in what was considered a free and fair election).

    We didn’t just “pick sides” but collaborated in a scheme to put the Palestinian leadership’s nuts in a vise and wait to see what happened. No, we picked our side a long time ago and we’re not changing that anytime soon. By the way, when came time to picking our side, it was always a question of short-term, political advantage.

  4. Kyle Olsen says:

    The premise of your question is that Canada has a place to play in the Palestinian Israeli peace process. This is wrong. Who is the normal mediator between the two sides? The USA. Who has one of the least balanced foreign policies in the region? The USA.

    Canada is not a neutral country. Hamas uses suicide bombers against civilians and fires rockets at civilian targets.

    Should Canada always side with a democratic government even when it does wrong? No.

    Should Canada support a government who is the best chance for peace and stability? Yes.

    Now, if you honestly think that Hamas, is the best choice for achieving peace with Israel, so be it. The vast majority of western nations have chosen the more logical path.

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