Hillary: Canada’s Low Cost Health-Care System Causing Jobs Bleed from US To Canada (video)

hillary2.jpgYesterday Hillary Clinton announced that Canadian Celine Dion’s song “You and I” has been chosen as her official presidential campaign theme song. The CBC reports,

The U.S. senator picked the same Céline Dion tune used by the Canadian airline several years ago as her new campaign song.

Hillary Clinton’s love of Canadian music aside, she managed to ruffle Buzz Hargrove today when she stated that American jobs are going North of the border because health care costs in the United States are out of control. Buzz refutes that stating that both sides of the border are bleeding jobs due to overseas imports. The Star reports,

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton told a union audience yesterday that “high value” American jobs are going to Canada because lower health-care costs north of the border have become such a competitive advantage.

The McGuinty government doesn’t appear to agree that Canada is a net gainer on the jobs front either issuing this press release today,

“Ontario manufactures are experiencing serious economic pressure” Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara said, “Job losses in the manufacturing sector are having an impact both in central Canada and across the nation, particularly in light of the recent jump in the value of the Canadian dollar”


6 thoughts on “Hillary: Canada’s Low Cost Health-Care System Causing Jobs Bleed from US To Canada (video)

  1. Roberto says:

    Actually, she’s right. One or more Japanese car plants were placed in Ontario largely because of the health care factor. I believe it was Toyota. As the Big Three will attest, the costs of employee health care, especially for retired workers, can be crippling.

  2. JimBobby says:

    Healthcare was one factor for manufacturers choosing Canada over US locations for new plant construction. Another reason — the one cited by Toyota when announcing a new Woodstock, ON plant — is our more literate workforce. Toyota said they’d have had to train Louisiana workers with pictograms.

    I say if Hillary wants to make Canadian healthcare a good example, more power to her.


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