Australia Develops Racist Policy for Aborigines

howard2.jpgWhen I saw this headline I had to laugh out loud because the concept is so ridiculous. CTV reports,

Australia’s prime minister announced plans Thursday to ban pornography and alcohol for Aborigines in northern areas and tighten control over their welfare benefits to fight child sex abuse among them.

So the very “white” Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard has decided it’s time to play “Daddy”and control the Aborigines population in parts of Australia. According to the article some Aborigines feel that the plan is paternalistic, but some are welcoming it. I do not believe most Aborigines would welcome these policies and I think they will stand up en-mass and denounce them. I am flabbergasted that Mr. Howard and his government would actually have the unmitigated gall to suggest this course of action. Paternalistic, you bet your boots its paternalistic!

Just a heads up Mr. Howard, but child sexual abuse occurs in all communities regardless of race. It just hidden better in white communities. If you are going to ban porn and alcohol for Aborigines then the same thing should apply to all citizens of Australia. Mr. Howard has made a very large error in judgement for even suggesting this course of action. I don’t see how it can be legal and I believe this is a racist course of action. If individual Aboriginal communities choose to ban porn and booze that’s their choice. It certainly is not Mr. Howards.


9 thoughts on “Australia Develops Racist Policy for Aborigines

  1. J@ckp1ne says:

    I would hope child pornography is already banned in Australia and I don’t see what porn featuring adults or welfare benefits has to do with child abuse.They need to find solutions to the many problems facing natives but I don’t think this will really help that much.

  2. Woman at Mile 0 says:

    I know that thought crossed my mind, but I don’t think even our own neo-cons are ignorant enough to suggest something like this. Not after the whole residential school disaster. I can’t believe a modern day government western government would implement such a thing.

  3. Priscilla says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m an Australian, and I’m relieved to see that the majority of bloggers based in Aus are agreeing that our Prime Minister John Howard’s approach will only add to the suffering of children.

    The Prime Minister is right to describe the widespread abuse of Aboriginal children as a national emergency but he is wrong in the way his government is seeking to overcome it. There is no other group in society that would be subject to these kinds of measures!

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