I Got Free Tickets to Sicko and Had A Nice Weekend Up Island

mermaid.jpgHey, hey! I got free tickets to Sicko’s release in Victoria on Wednesday. I tried a warm-up on health care issues with my blog post on Sunday night and will blog on my thoughts after the movie sometime on Thursday.

On another less political note and having just spent the weekend up island (an anniversary combo Xmas present), I want to recommend Fairwinds Golf Course on Vancouver Island. It is a challenging course for a beginner like me (lots of sandtraps, water, trees) but there are a very nice bunch of folks at Fairwinds who will take care of you even if you are scared.
fawncourse.jpgYes, all of us beginner golfers managed to find a highly capable tournament of 26 on our butts most of the way. Course we didn’t check the difficulty rating before playing, which is rated on the difficult side. Needless to say it was quite an adventure with a lovely generous, free lunch (great for grad students) at the end because we had to skip a few holes. We had a really great time though and got a lot of sun, so a good day overall.

sp_a0170.jpgIn addition, a recommendation goes out to a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Qualicum Beach, A Stone’s Throw, hosted by a very nice lady from the land of Auz who introduced us to some splendid Aussie cooking, a surprise bottle of wine for our anniversary day and a nice, soft comfie bed.

sp_a0179.jpgFinally, for wonderful seafood, a gorgeous outdoor eating space with ponchos and blankets to ward off the evening chill, the best cheesecake I ever tasted, and the nicest server named Caleb I ever met in my life, try Fishtales restaurant in Qualicum Beach.

(Fishtales pic)


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