Gaza Secure and Peaceful but Then the Tanks Came Back

blairrice.jpgEarly this morning I found this article talking about how Gaza has finally started to grow peaceful and secure since Fatah was driven out a few weeks ago. The Star reports,

Now, Gazans are slowly resuming what passes for normal lives in a 40-kilometre-long sliver of rocky soil and sand that is sealed off from the outside world and where most people have long scraped by on a pittance. They are scraping by still, but now they are doing so amid a semblance of security. If this keeps up, Hamas may well become even more popular than it already is, despite the prevailing poverty.

I was pleased to hear that the fighting and disorder was easing in Gaza. Then I wonder over to the CBC and find this article indicating Israel moved into Gaza again this morning and the bloodshed has begun all over again. The CBC reports,

Israeli tanks and troops rolled into parts of the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, killing eight Palestinians, including a 12-year-old boy, said Palestinians.

In the space of just 20 minutes my hopes rose and were shattered once again. Right now I have very little faith that the war-mongering Bush lackey, Tony Blair is going to help the middle east achieve peace.


One thought on “Gaza Secure and Peaceful but Then the Tanks Came Back

  1. mushroom says:

    Hamas’ control of the Gaza Strip means that it will now be unrestrained to pursue its resistance against Israeli occupation. In fact, an Israeli re-occupation will legitimize Hamas even more. Note that with the borders sealed, the humanitarian crisis there will be getting desperate soon.

    The consolation is that there is no civil war for the Palestinians in the Strip. Whether Hamas has a strategy to destroy the Palestinian Authority once and for all in the West Bank is a different story.

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