Fortier, Famous Budget Fumbler Makes Plans to Lose More Money

fortier2.jpgIt looks like King Harper’s appointment of the un-elected Michael Fortier as the Federal Minister of Public Works has yielded some pretty poor results for Canadian taxpayers. Besides having absolutely “no elected rights” to a Minister’s position in the first place, Fortier has proven himself to be an incompetent manager. The Globe and Mail reports,

Senior federal officials warned that the planned sale of nine government buildings could cost Ottawa up to $600-million over 25 years, and recommended a full risk analysis be conducted first, sources said.

Last year, the Cons contracted with consultants who blew through our money, like there was no tomorrow. The Globe and Mail reports,

The federal government burned through seven years worth of money in nine months last year in a failed effort to cut costs in its massive procurement machine, an internal audit has found. In the latest administrative nightmare to emerge from Public Works Canada, auditors say high-level bureaucrats lost control of a $24-million contract with cost-cutting consultants.

Can you smell it? It’s the rank smell of Con hypocrisy burning dry the patience and goodwill of Canadians.


3 thoughts on “Fortier, Famous Budget Fumbler Makes Plans to Lose More Money

  1. ottawacon says:

    I would worry about blowback on this one – the entire project was concieved, designed, contracted, and initiated on the Liberal’s watch. The first major change occurred in January 2006.

    “When the A.T. Kearney contract was let in late 2005, the consulting project was worth $19-million over seven years, including three option years. According to the audit, Public Works accelerated the pace of the spending on the contract one month after it was awarded, and decided to “further accelerate” the pace one month later in a bid to meet the targeted savings sooner.”

    This is Brison’s fiasco that Fortier stopped last June, with the final invoices coming in October.

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