Climate Change Bad News Friday (video)

tornado.jpgSombre news breaking out all over on the climate change front today. The CBC is reporting that climate change is going to make it a lot more expensive for taxpayers in Alaska.

a new study that suggests taxpayers in Alaska will have to pay $3.6 billion more in the next two decades to pay for public infrastructure damage related to climate change.

Morever Manitobans may be in line to receive many more severe storms as a result of global warming. The CBC reports,

Climatoligist Danny Blair said Manitoba should start preparing for the weather seen in the United States’ so-called Tornado Alley — the area in the central U.S. where tornadoes are common — because he believes it’s headed north to Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The warnings coming out of the EU today were equally ominous with the executive warning citizens to prepare for the possibility that entire cities may need to be moved. Reuters reports,

In addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to halt global warming, Europeans should change the way they live and work to mitigate the effects of rising temperatures

Finally, the United Nations Environmental Programme released an assessment blaming climate change for turning Sudan into a desert and sparking the Darfur conflict.

Climate change that transformed the Darfur region from sustainable agricultural land into a partial desert is behind the escalating conflict, according to a United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) assessment.

In keeping with the fight against global warming and the June 29th Aboriginal Day of Action, I am including this video of Inuit Activist, Sheila Watt-Cloutier who just received an award from the UN for highlighting the damage greenhouse gases are causing to the North. The CBC reports,

“Sheila Watt-Cloutier’s dedication and her tireless work with the Inuit people, especially in the face of devastating climate change, it’s a real inspiration to all of us,” Niamh Collier-Smith, a spokeswoman for the United Nations Development Program


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