I Surpassed 10,000 Visitors Today and Got Tagged by The Galloping Beaver

heartflag.jpgI received a tag from The Galloping Beaver today so I am going to combine my tag obligations with a look at the statistics from this blog, which I started just under 4 months ago on March 3, 2007. According to the tag rules, I need to share 8 random things about myself so the random items I am sharing will also include my blog stats. Today I surpassed 10,000 visitors to my blog.

Blog Stats

Total Views: 10,010

Best Day Ever: 285


Posts: 150

Comments: 662

Since WordPress excludes views by the blog writer/s this statistic is “significant” (h/t to The Progressive Economics Forum who gave me the idea for posting on blog stats last week). With 150 posts total in the past 121 days, I have been averaging 1.26 posts each day. I am the only author on this blog, but my partner took most of the pictures taken at the various Victoria Liberal events. I am grateful for his help on those occasions because it is really hard to take pictures and make notes on speeches at the same time.

Unfortunately, WordPress only keeps statistics on daily views for the previous 30 days. Some quick addition shows that in the past 30 days, I have had 3001 viewers for an average of 100 visitors each day in June.

The highest views I ever received in one day is 285 and through a quick review, my top posts in order of most hits received were:

Anne Shannon Nominated Liberal Candidate for Victoria: Budget fails taxpayer test

Ron Paul (video)

I had a Victoria Day Picnic with Stephane Dion

Jon Stewart Slams Nancy Grace (video)

I had Lunch with Dryden, Penn, Shannon and Martin

Ken Dryden on How to Get an NDPer to Vote Liberal

Segregation for Children with Special Needs: A good idea?

Briony Penn: Environment Activivist Nominated Liberal Candidate for Saanich-Gulf Islands

A Lib/Green Coaltion is a Good Idea

Dion Growing More Dynamic as Each Month Passes

Colbert, Stewart and Maher on Ron Paul (video)

I had Evening Appys with Bob Rae, Anne Park Shanon and Keith Martin

Now that was a quick 8+ random items for ya Dave at the Galloping Beaver. To be fair though I will share a few other personal items about myself.

I am 39 years old.

My youngest child will graduate next year.

I am already having a hard time with the idea that I could be an empty nester as soon as next summer.

Tag Rules:

1. All right, here are the rules. 2. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. 3. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 4. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. 5. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

8 people chosen for a tag (if you have already been tagged, please ignore):

While the Earth Burns

The Progressive Economics Forum (6 bloggers)


Happy Canada Day Everyone!!


11 thoughts on “I Surpassed 10,000 Visitors Today and Got Tagged by The Galloping Beaver

  1. Jeremy Kirouac says:


    Thanks for tagging me. I’m currently at a beautiful party in Victoria and so cannot really write much. I would just like to say that I like and am inspired by your blog.


  2. Woman at Mile 0 says:

    A pre Canada Day party Jeremy sounds like a lot of fun. I am looking forward to wandering into the masses tonight for the fireworks. It’s always so packed on this day downtown. Crazy!

  3. The Galloping Beaver says:

    Damn! Congratulations on the stats! They’re terrific!

    Now, if we have to deal with these things:

    I am 39 years old.
    That, lovely lady, is a young woman. Relish in it.

    My youngest child will graduate next year.
    Enjoy the moment and give it away. Let it be his/her accomplishment.

    I am already having a hard time with the idea that I could be an empty nester as soon as next summer.

    Go on a cruise. There is a chance I could be the Captain and you’ll get a better tour than the other passengers.

    All joking aside, I wish I could make it to the PB gathering, but we’re a week out of sync.

  4. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Thanks GB. I did not really have any expectations when I started this blog in March. I was still a full-time student but became unemployed for 2 months (Feb/March) when my auxiliary term position ended. I had been working full-time and going to school full time and I think I just grew accustomed to a certain amount of stress and business in my life. Working on the blog filled the gap until I could find another work position. It has been really interesting to watch how the visitors to my blog seem to grow exponentially each month.
    As for the personal stuff….well thanks for the young 39 thing. I found this interesting article in the Star today about turning 40 and it seems I am not the only one that is having some trouble with making the mental switch to entering a new phase of life. The age and the empty nest thing (they are both coming at once making it hard to separate them)…so many of my friends (my age) have much younger children or are just having their first or second child now. It makes it much more strange. I suppose I could go overseas to work as well after my youngest heads off to college next year. I have not traveled much since my children were born and I feel I have missed out on that piece. I think I will enjoy that aspect of my new found freedom. I really appreciate your suggestions, reassurance and the support I received from the GB when I first started. GB, Far and Wide, Jason Cherniak, Saskboy, BCer in Toronto, Liberal Catnip and Scott from Prog Blog and many others were all really supportive when I was starting out and it has made all the difference for me.
    Will be sorry to have missed you at the BC Progressive Blogger meeting.

  5. mushroom says:

    The irony is that I am 37 and relatively unattached.

    Haven’t been out of school, since — how can you be out of school when your profession is an academic?

    Teaching kids who are old enough to be my sons and daughters, that is a frightening thought.

    Happy Canada Day!!!

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