The New Right Wing US Supreme Court: Moving Americans Backwards One Vote at a Time

supreme-court.jpgUSA today reports on the new right-wing Supreme Court’s first full-term,

the remade Supreme Court, a narrow majority of justices changed the law on race, abortion, free speech and a swath of other issues affecting American life. Long-standing precedents were discarded or reinterpreted. Government interests prevailed over individual rights. Business won at the expense of consumers and workers. And people on the fringe, such as rabble-rousing students and atheists, lost out.

I remember watching utterly disgusted during the Senate vote last year in which 19 Democrats joined with the Repubs to shift the Supreme court to the right

this is largely the result of the replacement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with Justice Samuel Alito.

The shift is once again big news because it has yielded some very negative consequences for Americans. PBS reports,

The Supreme Court term that just ended under Chief Justice John Roberts was marked by key 5-4 rulings that cheered conservatives, including overturning two race-based school desegregation programs, upholding the federal ban on a late-term abortion procedure, and striking down a key provision of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.

In the end 20 Democrats felt confident they could still be re-elected even if after voting for a new overiding right-wing ideology for the entire country.

We, the voters who elect Democrats in every election, were utterly and completely betrayed today by 19 Democratic Senators that we elected,

Akaka (HI), Baucus (MT), Bingaman (NM), Byrd (WV), Cantwell (WA), Carper (DE), Conrad (ND), Dorgan (ND), Inouye (HI), Johnson (SD), Kohl (WI), Landrieu (LA), Lieberman (CT), Lincoln (AR), Nelson (FL), Nelson (NE), Pryor (AR), Rockefeller (WV), Salazar (CO)

I think Lieberman’s vote (and the 19 other Dem votes) was a betrayal of Democratic values and voters with damaging consequences for all of the United States.


4 thoughts on “The New Right Wing US Supreme Court: Moving Americans Backwards One Vote at a Time

  1. knb says:

    Landrieu, Rockerfeller? I hadn’t followed the vote but why on earth did they vote that way? Byrd I can never predict, so I’m not surprised.

    There are times when I look at the US and I just feel they are so far gone, it’s hard to imagine them ever making their way back toward a progressive nation.

    The GOP has pulled the spectrum so far to the right and in doing so, have taken the Dem’s with them. Sad really.

    Thankfully we’re seeing no such capitulation here, yet. All the more reason not to let the Con’s get too cozy on the gov’t side of the House, :).

  2. The Galloping Beaver says:

    It will take decades for the United States to recover from this current administration and the damage they’ve done. That’s if it changes in 2008. If they elect another Republican president or a Republican congress, you can write the United States into the list of failed nations.

    By the way, you’ve been tagged.

    No, no. No thanks is required.


  3. Cliff says:

    But then there was their decision this week to reconsider the Habeas Corpus implications of Guantanamo – only the second time since 1968 they’ve agreed to reconsider anything. Remember, they’ve ruled against the government on every single Gitmo/detainee related case that’s come before them in the last three years or so. This was a clear message to the White House to close Gitmo or get it closed for them.

    Kennedy and/or Roberts are not 100% quantifiable as doctrinaire right-wingers. I agree the recent rulings, particularly the dismantling of school integration and the attack on the free speech rights of students are reprehensible and disappointing but by the end of next year all the American right will be left with is the courts – Republican armageddon is coming that will make the 2004 mid-terms look like a summer squall and judicial selection is already subject to a Democratic veto if they’re willing to exercise it.

  4. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    I will try to show some restraint in my outpouring of gratitude for this tag Dave. As for the next vote…well I wouldn’t have thought they would vote for Bush last time because the incompetence of the administration was so blatantly obvious. I guess I will just never understand American logic.

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