Sicko Inspirations (video)

michaelmoore2.jpgThis is my promised Sicko post and I want to acknowledge that it is several days overdue as a result of the Bob Rae event I attended in Victoria last Wednesday. Unfortunately I thought it would be OK to arrive late at the movie theatre because on a previous day, on another blog, I read that a blogger had attended a showing of Sicko and it was not that busy. Mistakenly I assumed arriving at the last minute would work out fine. As a result we had trouble finding seats.

I really enjoyed this movie and it is my favourite Moore movie to date. There was a lot of laughter from the audience and I sat through most of the movie in disbelief and sudden deep worry about the push towards privatizing Canadian health care from the many levels of governments across Canada. The entire audience clapped at the end of the movie and I can’t remember when or if I have heard a movie audience do that before. I thought the www.hook-a website was funny and kind of cute.

As we left the theatre, we were greeted at the exit by The South Island Health Coalition (and seniors working to maintain and improve our universal health care system). We immediately decided to become members of SIHC. I really enjoyed the informative “health care decoder section” on the pamphlet I received, which I am including with this blog post,

Innovation=Commercialization of health care services and cut throat markets

Problem: Some things don’t belong in a market-human life, blood, health care, etc

European Model= US style 2-tier for profit health disguised as a “Third Way”

Problem: Canada is integrating with the US, not Sweden or Norway who also have universal health care. It is the US health industries pushing for access to Canada.

Flexibility= Operating outside the parameters of the Canada Health Act.

Problem: The duty of the Minister of Health is to ensure that people with money do not buy their way to the front of the line.

Modernization= Returning to the old days of life before Medicare.

Problem: Private health insurance for the healthy and wealthy and doctors charge whatever they want.

Choice=Health care services treated liken any other commodity

Problem: Health care is a human right and access should be based on need not ability to pay. In US over 46 million citizens (more people than all of the citizens of Canada) have no heath care insurance and care.

Partnerships= Corporate partnership (P3) is a parasite that costs taxpayers more money. The public pays and the private investor profits.

Problem: Costs go up, quality goes down and there is no accountability. The public pays and private investors profit

(This is the only area I am not 100 percent in agreement on because I think a P3 concept might work if government contracted transparently with individuals (e.g Doctor’s) as opposed to corporations with money hungry shareholders. E.g. BC bonuses for efficient physician management of waitlists.)

Experimentation= This is no experiment. Commercialization of health services triggers international trade agreement rule.

Problem: Once foreign insurers are inside the walls of the Canadian heath system, international trade treaties will give them weapons to fight any government to displace them or even control their market share.

Please visit the above group(s) and take out a membership. You only pay if you can afford it.


9 thoughts on “Sicko Inspirations (video)

  1. Annie says:

    I would love to see Sicko, but in a small Ontario city, I do not have as much a chance.
    When it comes to our Healthcare, I worry a great deal with this “New american Union” that is being cooked up. I am disappointed that Mr. Dion has not spoken out against this. . I have been a Liberal all my life. but I won’t even vote if the Liberal party agrees with this…..not a word yet, from Mr. Dion.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Your right Annie. We have not heard a response on it yet. I was going to ask him about that at the BBQ he attended in Victoria in May, but there was no Q & A session opportunity after his speech. Perhaps I will send him the question via facebook this week. A lot of people are concerned about this issue and I had readers of this blog ask me to question him about it at the BBQ.

  3. wendy says:

    It is timely that the North American Union was mentioned here today.I was going to write to you and ask that you please do a story about this.People HAVE to know what Harper has planned.This TERRIFIES me.The U.S. has always felt it is their ‘Manifest Destiny’ to have all of North America,they wont need to invade us,Harper will just hand Canada over.I joined the Liberal Party to support Stephane Dion,however I have not heard his position on this.Elizabeth May has come out against it and has infor mtation on her web site.Please let us know Mr.Dions position.Thank You,Wendy

  4. mushroom says:

    I think the meaning of P3 as defined by the South Island Health Coalition does not deal with paying doctors’ bonus money to work over the prescribed cap imposed by the provincial Health Ministry. It deals with this factor below, which I suspect you are pretty opposed to.

    The truth about P3 is that it becomes prevalent in the present due to this dilemma. Individuals are loath for tax increases to fund health care spending that can be used to build a hospital extension wing, hire doctors etc.

    The result is that the government has to contract companies such as private contractors to build hospitals on debt. We get a new hospital wing and in return we pay them in payments until 2031 etc. The private contractors in return manage the hospital by making money through concessions (Tim Horton’s, gift shops, the hospital cafeteria etc.), the interest the government pays in financing, and procurement.

    It is mortgaging the future to deal with the present. Governments need to be honest and just sell a tax increase properly.

  5. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Well I suppose it would depend on the deal then mushroom and how much control over the hospital we give them. If it extends to health care services themselves as opposed to gift shop, cafeteria, then I would be opposed. I also think any “deals” should be transparent.

  6. Alison says:

    “I think a P3 concept might work if government contracted transparently with individuals (e.g Doctor’s) as opposed to corporations with money hungry shareholders.”

    Interesting idea. I haven’t heard that one before.

    “When it comes to our Healthcare, I worry a great deal with this “New american Union” that is being cooked up. I am disappointed that Mr. Dion has not spoken out against this.”

    Deep integration was originally a Liberal idea and is still primarily supported by Liberal heavyweights and funders. This is probably only due to their having been in power for such a long time but I haven’t seen them take a single step back from it since. You’re going to have to apply very strong pressure to shift them.

    Speaking of deep integration as “NAU”, the way the American right tends to, is seeing it as primarily a *political* problem, ie loss of borders and identity, the amero, etc.
    I think this misses the far more serious problem that deep integration is more of an *economic* strategy – corporate transnationals with no government oversight, rolling back public services, commodification of everything – not a political one.

    Lib and Con politicians thus can deny that NAU is happening without ever addressing the more serious consequences of economic integration.

    Michael Parenti puts it rather more clearly here.

    Sorry to be so darn preachy. My current fear is that politicians will come out soon and say “everything’s ok because we’re not going to change the names of things” and everyone will go back to sleep again.

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