Global Warming and the Future of Sport

golf.jpgI thought this was an engaging article by Sports Illustrated (SI) encouraging sport enthusiasts to consider what a dry planet and rising sea levels will mean for the world of sport. Concern was expressed about everything from Golf and Fishing to the Alaska Iditarod

The next time a ball game gets rained out during the September stretch run, you can curse the momentary worthlessness of those tickets in your pocket. Or you can wonder why it got rained out — and ask yourself why practice had to be called off last summer on a day when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky; and why that Gulf Coast wharf where you used to reel in mackerel and flounder no longer exists; and why it’s been more than one winter since you pulled those titanium skis out of the garage.

The magazine, like our own backwards and research averse Con government, misleads about the benefits of biofuels. SI offers them as one potential solution, when in fact it takes huge amounts of water to create biofuels. Biofuels are not the answer and will yield no net benefit to an environment growing perilously short on water (or our grocery bills either). In spite of this inaccuracy, I still think the article is worth a read.


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