CTV Ensuring Climate Skeptics Get Fair Airplay

polar-bear.jpgCTV News does it part today to ensure that the public still thinks there is a debate about the climate change issue. Thumbs down to CTV for continuing to ensure that hucksters like Durkin get the publicity they crave, but do not deserve. To be fair CTV does say,

Reports released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change earlier this year, which represent the consensus opinion of more than 120 governments, found that global warming is real and that human activities, most notably the burning of fossil fuels, are more than 90 per cent likely to be the cause.

Nothing like keeping the fans of doubt alive in the public so our Con government will continue to feel justified and emboldened by right wing nuts in doing nothing about climate change. If I had to write/promote this guy’s position, I would have trouble sleeping at night. Why bother with it at all?

At one time people thought the earth was flat too and eventually science showed that was incorrect and people stopped it talking about it. It’s called science. I can’t see why this ignorant huckster’s documentary, largely dismissed by the world’s scientists is news.


4 thoughts on “CTV Ensuring Climate Skeptics Get Fair Airplay

  1. knb says:

    Woman, I won’t even click on your link to those people.

    I watched and still am listening to a stream of Live Earth, on my computer today. It was/is marvelous. Did you catch Etheridge? Brilliant! No, beyond brilliant!

    I agree with you, boo to CTV if they actually did that.

    What get’s me is the cry for balance. What balance? 90% to 10%…Mr. 10%, does not deserve any attention.

    I think media has become paranoid…and it’s time for that to stop.

    I’ll look at it tomorrow, I’ll write CTV with my disgust, but it’s going to take more voices than mine to put an end to this nonsense.

  2. Ron says:

    A dwindling few, backed scientifically-fig-leafed oil-industry lobbyists, will still deny global warming, as is their right. The rest of us (including media etc) should simply ignore them. Yes global warming is a theory but then so is gravity. We accept certain theorems as the best explanation of the world we live in and to keep ourselves alive we do not leap from tall buildings. Even Bush and Harper (at least in public) have abandoned the global warming deniers to the same fringes of society where we tolerate holocaust deniers, flat earth-ers and creationists.

  3. Raphael Alexander says:

    Even the conservative government has acknowledged the problems of manmade climate change, and there is very little real skepticism. What is now in doubt is how to rectify the problem. This is where the real debate begins in earnest.

  4. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    “Even Bush and Harper (at least in public)”

    I wish acknowledging it in public was going to solve the problem but it won’t. The current Con plan is so bad it won’t to even meet the new G8 targets never mind the even more strict Kyoto reductions we originally signed on to. It’s depressing.

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