Australian Indigenous Solidarity (video)

Australian aboriginals fight back against Howard’s racist policies.

The Northern Territory Government will back a legal challenge to the Howard Government’s radical intervention in remote Aboriginal communities.


2 thoughts on “Australian Indigenous Solidarity (video)

  1. annie says:

    We have friends in Australia, who say that the Aboringinals thee are not treated well at all.. just what Harper would like to do with our Aboriginals
    John Howard’s party may call themselves Liberal, but they are is really a Conservative party hiding behind the name Liberal.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Your dead on there Annie. He is as much a neo-con as much as Harper or Bush. It’s frightening that the First Peoples of Australia appear to have even less power than First Nations people here in Canada. Even the Cons would never try such a move in Canada now. It’s really disturbing.

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