Oil/Gas Shortages Only 5 Years Away

j0399324.jpgWell if this doesn’t make you quake in your boots nothing will. The CBC reports,

Consumers will see the beginnings of a serious global oil and gas shortage within two years, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned Monday.

The article’s message is conserve now or pay dearly later. We need to be sinking major dollars into the development of new technologies and focusing on making them affordable to all consumers, not just the rich (e.g hydrogen/electric transportation -cars, planes, trains). Time is quickly running out for the environment and our way of life.


4 thoughts on “Oil/Gas Shortages Only 5 Years Away

  1. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Well it could be its true Raphael. But there is so much research out there and much of it seems to agree we have hit or are hitting peak oil. Personally I think it speaks to the need to begin making some radical changes to the way we think about transportation and systems. Charging more is not a long term solution. That is just window dressing a very serious problem.

  2. saskboy says:

    It seems obvious that the end of the road is coming, when even the Big Oil/Auto think tanks start saying there’s a 25 year “plateau” coming, despite technological advances in drilling. I don’t think they are even considering exponential population growth in their estimates.

    Plateau is just a PC way to say “peak where the rich can afford to keep buying”.

  3. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    If I could afford it and wasn’t still in school I would buy a hybrid Saskboy….. but they sure are costly. It’s going to increase the price of everything not just driving. Our kids our going to have to find another way cause we used it all up on them.

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