Vancouver Island Liberals Celebrate with Pride

Today I joined Briony Penn, Hedy Fry and Anne Park Shannon in the Victoria Pride Parade.

pride2007-009.jpg pride2007-010.jpg pride2007-012.jpg


It was cloudy and breezy during the parade so I didn’t use sunscreen and wound up with a nice sunburn. Regardless it was a most enjoyable afternoon. My partner from took all the pictures on this posting.

The Libs were just one entry behind Jack Layton/NDP/BC NDP.

Later at the Pride Festival, Anne, Hedy and Briony got up on stage and promised to continue the fight for rights for transgendered people and wished everyone a Very Happy Pride!


2 thoughts on “Vancouver Island Liberals Celebrate with Pride

  1. wendy says:

    It was a GREAT day! It was so nice to meet you ,we are off to Calgary for our sons wedding.While driving through B.C., Alberta,and later Sask.I will check out the Harper temperature!My guess,it is cooling!

  2. Woman at Mile 0 says:

    I enjoyed meeting you as well Wendy. I hope you have a safe trip and the weather is beautiful for you. I would love to hear the results of your Harper temperature exploration.

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