Conservatives Stick It To Canadian Taxpayers

taxes.jpgThe Globe and Mail reports this morning that the Cons targeted tax breaks haven’t been much of a boon for Canadians.

The C.D. Howe Institute, in a particularly sharp attack on Canadian finance ministers, said yesterday that the 2007 round of federal and provincial budgets failed to do much to lower the high tax burden on business operations.

“Many governments increasingly rely on targeted tax credits, which complicate the tax system without necessarily improving the prospects for economic growth or fairness,” the report says.

In fact, the Conservatives raised income taxes by 1.4 billion per year to help pay for a 1% reduction in the GST. The Cons should ditch these cuts and go back to broad based income tax reductions for all Canadians Canwest reports,

Political analysts say these targeted tax cuts are aimed at winning over specific constituencies that reside in politically important parts of either the country or province.

“You load up system with all these special preferences, then down the road the politicians realize they could have had a big tax rate cut instead,” Mr. Mintz said in an interview.

It makes me angry when I hear Harper and Flaherty blather on about all the tax cuts their government has given Canadians when my family have not seen one dime of real benefit. I want the Liberals plan for income tax reductions where less taxes are taken off our bi- weekly paychecks back. The Globe and Mail says,

“Credits have been adopted or enhanced in the past two years for activities such as sports, transit passes, filmmaking, research, labour training and manufacturing and forestry equipment,” it says.

My husband’s bi weekly “paycheck” income taxes actually went up as a result of the Con tax plan. As a result, we are having difficulty mustering up much gratitude for a penny GST cut in this household.


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