I’m Just a Product of My Culture’s Spin

j0401646.jpgI am really enjoying this CBC News in Depth Section on Spin Cycles: The Spin, the Spinners and the Spun. The six-part series covers from A Century of Spin to Spinning Into the 21st century.

The series explores the world of politics, big business, advertising and public relations to find the real message behind all that spin.

Personally I like identifying, and analyzing spin. I will also produce my own spin when I believe strongly in something. I will also admit to being completely spun by the context of the culture I live in. Let’s face it, I was well on my spinning way by the time I was a year old ( yah thanks Mom).

Human development stems not just from biology, but also from interactions with the social cultural world (Vygotsky). Examples include family, school, church, books/media, entertainment, government, peers, etc.

I think everyone struggles to be able to break free of our cultural trenches so our thinking is not so limited. I know I do and it’s a lifelong battle.


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