BC Swelters, Sea Levels Rise: Do-Nothing Conservatives Save Money on Icebreakers

haida-gwaii.jpgWell it’s hot in BC…dam hot. According to CBC, we are setting record breaking temperatures all over the place.

Seven all-time temperature highs were set across British Columbia on Wednesday, with most of the records falling in the Fraser Valley, the Greater Vancouver area and on Vancouver Island.

I will vouch that people everywhere in Victoria claim they are melting. The main conversation these days is the weather forecast, creative methods for keeping cool, keeping your office cool, etc.

Naturally thoughts of melting brings up images of glaciers disappearing and sea levels rising. This UVic Ring article examining research on the rising sea levels around Haida Gwaii is worth a read.

The team found that sea levels in Haida Gwaii are rising at a rate of 16 cm per century—twice as fast as sea levels around Victoria. During extreme storms, sea levels rise at more than twice this rate.

Walker and his team also learned that the coastline is eroding at a rate of one to three metres per year. “This will bring a variety of hazards,” he says. “For example, the coastal highway will see increased flooding and erosion in the next 10 to 20 years.”

Then I found this article originally published in the Guardian that had me shaking even with the sweltering heat.

The geological record suggests that ice at the poles does not melt in a gradual and linear fashion, but flips suddenly from one state to another. When temperatures increased to 2-3 degrees Celsius above today’s level 3.5 million years ago, sea levels rose not by 59 cm but by 25 meters. The ice responded immediately to changes in temperature.

We now have a pretty good idea of why ice sheets collapse. The buttresses that prevent them from sliding into the sea break up; meltwater trickles down to their base, causing them suddenly to slip; and pools of water form on the surface, making the ice darker so that it absorbs more heat. These processes are already taking place in Greenland and West Antarctica.

Yikes!! It appears Harper has succumbed to the eventuality of it all and is no longer planning to buy icebreakers for our arctic. I guess it makes sense if you are doing your best (e.g sabotage of Kyoto Accord, refusing a carbon tax plan for industry) to ensure that global warming continues unbated.


5 thoughts on “BC Swelters, Sea Levels Rise: Do-Nothing Conservatives Save Money on Icebreakers

  1. asharpminor says:

    And its not just BC!
    Most of the American South West is struggling with yet another year’s heat and another year in the Mega Drought…
    Best wishes with keeping cool; here in the UK we’re thankfully wet and cool(ish) for a while.

  2. asharpminor says:

    Well, its not just BC!
    Most of the American SouthWest is staggering under excessive heat yet again; and yet again, another year in the Mega Drought.
    Best wishes from here in the cool(ish) UK.

  3. billg says:

    So what would you do to reverse the weather? What would you do to stop global warming? If you were PM, what course would you take?

  4. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Thanks for visiting asharpminor and I am glad to hear your summer been coolish so far but the summer isn’t over yet. You may be complaining just as loudly any day now.

    Well billg I think it is difficult to decide a direction with so many wild cards and unknowns coming at you (e.g Russia’s new claim to pieces of the arctic). I would implement a carbon tax that could be refunded to the energy industry when they hit targets. I would make reaching our Kyoto targets my highest priority and if we didn’t make it at least no one could say we didn’t give it our best shot. We would still see plenty of positive results from the effort. I would lead by example, setting the tough standards for Canada and then preach the importance of reducing greenhouse gases everywhere I went. I would also buy at least two large icebreakers and patrol vessels.

    I would invest in hybrid cars/trucks for Canadians. I would ensure that they were the cheapest, best quality vehicles on the market….so much so that it just wouldn’t make economical sense for a Canadian “not” to buy a hybrid.

    I think countries like China and India are ready for change and just need a little more pushing. The citizens of China in particular are complaining loudly about environmental damage is destroying their land and water so the time is right to push hard/strike.

    The US is far past being ready but are being led by a thug who seems unable to do what’s right for his people. Rather he does what’s best for big oil and industry. I would ensure that my position along with Russia and the other Western European countries made the US look bad until they got on board. They are drying out down South and its only going to get hotter and dryer. It can’t go on forever without some very serious problems and friction occurring.

  5. Raphael Alexander says:

    “keeping your office cool”

    LOL! Try working outside in that heat, honey. It’s a LOT harder. Wednesday I thought I was going to become a puddle on the side of the building. What a contrast from the wind storms we worked outside through this winter.

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