BC’s Water Selling for $30.00 a bottle in New York

winewaterglass.jpgIf there ever was a reason for all BC residents to switch permanently to tap water from bottled water take a look at this article showing that New Yorkers are willing to pay $30.00 a bottle for BC Water. Canwest reports,

The converted Via Genova cafe in the ritzy community about 90 minutes’ drive north of New York sells 10 Thousand BC from British Columbia for $30 US a bottle.

According to the article BC/Canada has some of the cleanest tap water in the world.

Municipalities in British Columbia, Quebec and Saskatchewan have been among the Top 5 winners for their tap water for the past seven years, except 2004.

In the summer, I find the the tap water a bit warmer than I am used to, so we just keep the water jug full and refrigerated. A most refreshing, free summer drink without the steep price NY price tag. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “BC’s Water Selling for $30.00 a bottle in New York

  1. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Yes I will do that too Red Tory. The water is different here though than in the interior. When you make a cup of tea here its more orangish and in the interior it more brown. I would say the best water I ever drank in BC was in Silverton. When I was a teen…way back when…. I used to help clean out the drinking water reservoir in Silverton as part of my summer works job with the town/municipality.

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