Blog Copies Posts Verbatim and Passes Them Off as Their Own

This is really interesting. Another blog at copied my post verbatim and claims it as their own with no link back to my site at all anywhere in the post. I see they are doing it to other bloggers as well.

Check it out here.


28 thoughts on “Blog Copies Posts Verbatim and Passes Them Off as Their Own

  1. saskboy says:

    It’s a splog, partly auto generated from your feed. There’s nothing you can really do, but if it’s in Technorati alert them and they’ll pull his listing. They do it to look like a legit blog to boost their nefarious pages’ pagerank on Google to sell more crap.

  2. macadavy says:

    Clearly Saskboy’s right, its a splog. They’re using your post to generate revenue for themselves. Follow the ‘bliggo’ link here:
    The old fashioned word for what they’re doing is plagiarism, but since you’ve no copywrite notice of any sort on your site (not even Creative Commons, which allows reproduction but requires attribution) there’s probably not a lot you can do legally. Blast ’em anyway via their host:

  3. JimBobby says:

    I ain’t sure whether you can do much technically. If you host yer own site anbd have access to the server, you can ban IP’s from accessing your site. If enough feeders ban these guys’ IP, they won’t be able to access the feeds where they steal content. Their IP is I ain’t up on WordPress features but if you can ban IP’s, give it a try.

  4. Woman at Mile 0 says:

    But does the AntiLeech mess up the content for anyone pulling your feed? How can it know that a particular feed is pulling it and giving no credit through a link back to the original poster. I would not want to mess those who are giving credit.

  5. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    I did visit the but did not see an email contact on that site either. I have thought about moving it to my own domain and I actually have that option. We are finding that of the wordpress themes we have chosen they don’t do very well when we import this blog to a new blog. The formatting goes, sidebar all over the place, etc. It’s weird.

  6. breros says:

    I put the anti leech on my blog and so far no problem.

    The plugin page says

    AntiLeech also uses a trick to detect when new User-Agents have collected and displayed your posts. You may see a little “AntiLeech” graphic in your feed output.,/b> This graphic helps AntiLeech collect User-Agents that you might want to block. AntiLeech will tell you on what page it first saw the User-Agent, if it can, to help you better make the decision to block that User-Agent or not.
    So if I understand correctly you keep an eye on your feed and on the plugin options page submit the info of the offender.

    Drop me an email and I’ll see if I can help if/when you want to move.

    There’s a tutorial here
    You can check and see if you missed any steps.

  7. zooeygoethe says:

    My blog (economicobjectorvism) is actually under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA, meaning it can be copied or remade if it is attributed (BY), non-commercial (NC) and carries the same license (SA = Share Alike). This blog does none of those.

    I did immediately notice they had ads up – which is clever, if identifying them as phenomenal dicks.

    I don’t see as there’s much I can do. The anti-leech tip is a good one, I’ll ask WordPress to set it up.

  8. Miss Weird Scientist says:

    The same thing just happened to me. My site is: and they stole (even the FORMAT is the same) my post on research around tuna/stress. I’ve emailed the admin address you have and i’ve also left messages with the hoster. The hoster specifically mentions copyright in their terms of service so hopefully this person can be removed. Sorry to see it has happened to you as well-I found your site when I did a google search on the culprit. 😦

  9. letters says:

    I’m running into this problem too. I have managed to get Google to pull Adsense ads from a thieving “blogger” in China, but now the same post asking for help in getting Google to do that has itself been copied onto another site.
    They use Bliggo. No way to contact them, I see.

  10. Howard says:

    I would definitely copyright your blog, at least then you have some recourse to go after someone. The Creative Commons license might do you well.

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