Introductions to the new Woman at Mile 0

The torch of Woman at Mile 0 has officially been passed. I am her daughter and am very excited to have adopted her long- unloved blog and make it my own.

If your curious who I am, I’m presently a student at the University of Victoria in Environmental Science and Geography. I came back from working in Belize to finish my final year of of my undergrad, which I complete in April.

My work in southern Belize was in the research and monitoring department under science director James Foley. Our project was to determine impact of an open dump site on the Rio Grande river, using stable isotope and trace elemental analysis of aquatic species of multiple trophic levels. I’m still discussing and considering publications with my supervisors, particularly Dr. Nikolaus Gantner.

Future plans are to find work in my field here in Canada while carefully selecting a fitting masters program in renewable energy.

Heres a link to Dr. Gantner’s website and his ongoing projects, including our work in Belize:

And, in case your curious, here is the link to my Linkedin account if you are seeking more information on myself or my work experience:


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