Who I am

I’m a geography and environmental science student at the University of Victoria and am very excited to graduate in April 2015. My interests lie primarily in renewable energy and sustainability research and science and I am currently seeking masters opportunities that will converge and synthesize these obsessions.

To glaze over the depth that forms my identity, I suppose I would summarize myself as a student, an avid traveller, and a passionately curious ecologist.

A Different Kind of Education:

A Different Kind of EducationI’ve been meaning to make a map of my travels for an eternity so here it is!

I still feel like i’ve seen so little; There are so many places I still need to experience  and explore. The different colours mark different trips and the numbers inside mark how many different cities/ towns I’ve spent time in that are covered by the (rather large) dots.

Next stop: Paris for the 2015 IPCC climate conference and India (there is a unknown force that has been pulling me there all my life)



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